Single-Shaft Shredders With Hydraulic Pusher

Swinging arm single shaft shredder WTB series

Single-shaft crushers with hydraulic radial pusher, WTB model, also known as pendulum crushers, are designed and intended for the preliminary crushing of large-sized and structurally specific elements that are not suitable for direct shredding in knife mills.

The WTB series includes crushers equipped with pendulum frames that use gravity to guide the material onto the shaft. They are suitable for processing various materials such as refrigerators, pipes, tires, washing machines, copper, aluminum, and granules.

WT series crushers, including WTB-type shredders, are used in various industries and are effective in shredding a variety of materials.

  • Agglomerates (compounds) of PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, etc.
  • Film waste.
  • Household chemicals.
  • Sheets.
  • Bulky waste such as crates, pallets, coils, pipes.
  • Cardboard waste, paper, cores.
  • Wooden waste such as blocks, pallets.
  • Textile waste, including carpets, big-bag bags, eco-leather.
  • Cable waste.

Thanks to their versatility and the ability to shred different materials, WTB-type shredders have found applications in many industries, providing effective and efficient waste processing and secondary raw material processing

Swinging arm single shaft shredder WTB series

Hydraulic radial pusher shredders, type WTB, offer advanced solutions for effective shredding of various types of waste

Drive System:

  • Equipped with a high-efficiency IE3-class three-phase motor for energy savings.
  • Gearboxes from renowned companies like FONGLI or BONENG ensure reliability and performance.
  • Vibration absorber and external bearing system provide smooth and stable operation.

Cutting System:

  • Rotating rotor with attached blades available in different sizes (40x40x25mm or 60x60x35mm), tailored to the shredder's size and waste type.
  • Single or double-row fixed knife arrangement for effective material shredding.
  • Two types of rotors available: standard and specially designed for plastic film waste.
  • Capability to rotate moving knives from two to four times, depending on the waste's characteristics.
  • Interchangeable screen system for adjusting the size of the final product; standard screen perforation is 40mm.
  • Optional screen basket opening, assisted by actuators, for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Hydraulic Pusher:

  • Hydraulic pusher working along a curved axis ensures effective material compression into the cutting rotor.
  • Adjustable distance between the pusher and the cutting rotor allows adaptation to different materials.
  • Adjustment of pusher force and feed rate provides optimal adaptation to waste characteristics.
  • Equipped with a hydraulic pump from renowned Japanese brands such as SHIMADZU or YUKEN, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Hydraulic power control elements from YUKEN ensure precise operation and safety.
  • Hydraulic system cooling to ensure proper working conditions and efficiency.

Shredder Control:

  • Equipped with automation components from renowned companies like SIEMENS and ABB, ensuring reliability and advanced functionality.
  • Allows parameter adjustment using a PLC controller like SIEMENS LOGO, ensuring precision and ease of use.
  • Overload protection for the shredder and safety features from SCHMERSAL provide safe operation and machine protection.
  • Option for manual activation of reverse rotation (auto-reversing) function, facilitating jam removal and increasing reliability.
  • Option for manual control of the hydraulic pusher feed direction, providing greater flexibility and control.

Rotor Types:

  • Standard rotor
  • Rotor designed for plastic film, textiles, and big-bag waste

WT series hydraulic radial pusher shredders are designed with advanced technology and high-quality components to effectively and efficiently shred various types of waste.


Additional equipment available for WTB series shredders includes

  • Rotor Cooling System: Helps maintain the optimal temperature of the rotor during operation, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance

  • Touchscreen Control Panel: A dedicated touchscreen interface for the PLC controller (e.g., SIEMENS LOGO), allowing for easy parameter adjustments and monitoring of the shredder's operation.

  • Online Monitoring of Shredder Parameters: Enables real-time monitoring and control of the shredder's operating parameters, enhancing operational efficiency and troubleshooting.

  • Integration into Shredding Lines: These WT shredders can be seamlessly integrated into shredding lines or complete washing lines for comprehensive waste processing solutions.

These additional features and equipment options enhance the versatility and performance of WT series shredders for various waste shredding applications.