Preshredders Series WPR

Preshredders Series WPR

The Preshredder machine model WPR is used to reduce the size of plastic film or big bags, preparing the shredded material for further washing or cleaning machines.

The main purpose of the preliminary shredder machine is to reduce the size and shred materials such as plastic film or big bags. This process aims to facilitate further processing, including washing or cleaning. The machine effectively shreds larger items into smaller pieces, making them more suitable for further processing.

The preliminary shredder model WPR is equipped with special blades that effectively cut and shred the material into smaller pieces. This process makes the material more suitable for further processing, ensuring efficient and effective operation of washing or cleaning machines.

Preshredders Series WPR

The main features of the preliminary shredders WPR

  • Our preliminary shredder machine model WPR has been designed to provide high performance and efficiency. It is a reliable device that allows for fast and effective material preparation before the washing or cleaning process.
  • With our preliminary shredder model WPR, we can offer our customers an effective tool for size reduction and shredding of materials such as plastic film or big bags, which in turn translates to more efficient and effective recycling processes. This is an essential device for plastic recycling companies looking to achieve high quality and efficiency in their production.


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