Recycling Lines And Systems

Washing Lines For Plastic Waste

Our complete technological lines provide versatile and efficient solutions for processing various types of waste. We deliver both standard and individually tailored systems for plastic crushing and washing, meeting the variable and demanding characteristics of the modern recycling environment.

Our lines are capable of processing a wide range of plastic materials with varying levels of contamination, including oil-based substances and agricultural waste. The resulting material can be used for granulation, extrusion, and injection molding. The entire production line is easy to operate, efficient, and characterized by low energy consumption.

Washing Lines For Plastic Waste

We are a supplier of comprehensive recycling systems specifically designed to process various types of waste, including films, household chemicals, PET bottles, and automotive industry waste. Our services encompass the delivery, installation, commissioning, and operator training of our technologically advanced machines, ensuring effective resource recovery and minimizing environmental impact.

For the processing of film waste, we offer solutions that enable efficient shredding, washing, and drying of films. Our systems are equipped with advanced technologies capable of processing films with varying levels of contamination, including oils and other chemicals. Thanks to our machines, high-quality granulate can be obtained, which can be used in various manufacturing processes such as extrusion, injection molding, and film production.

In the area of household chemicals processing, we provide specialized systems that enable the shredding and recovery of valuable components from waste. Our machines are configured to ensure effective separation of components and minimize the loss of valuable substances. Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to efficiently recover chemical raw materials that can be reused in manufacturing processes.