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Plastic Waste Crushing Lines

We offer complete crushing lines that provide advanced solutions for processing various types of plastic, wood, and cable waste. Here is a professional description of our offered crushing lines, including the option for metal component separation

Plastic Waste Crushing Lines

The standard crushing line consists of the following components

The offered complete crushing lines are advanced solutions for processing various plastic, wood, and cable waste materials, including the possibility of separating metal elements. Here is a professional description of our offered crushing lines, also considering the option of metal element separation.

  • Conveyor Belt Feeding to the Shredder: This component of the crushing line is used to transport material to the shredder. The conveyor belt ensures a constant and smooth material flow, enabling continuous shredding.

  • Preliminary Shredder: Depending on the type and size of the processed material, an appropriate preliminary shredder is used. This can be a single-shaft, double-shaft, or four-shaft shredder. This solution effectively shreds the material to the required size, preparing it for further processing.

  • Material Reception from the Preliminary Shredder: After the shredding process, the material is received from the shredder using a conveyor belt or a screw feeder. This allows for a smooth material flow to the next processing stage.

  • Knife Mill: As part of the complete crushing line, a knife mill is also used as a device for fine grinding the material to the desired fraction. The knife mill further reduces the particle size of the material and achieves the desired grinding fraction.

  • Big-Bag Station: In order to efficiently collect and package the ground material after the knife mill, the crushing line includes a big-bag station. This station allows for the loading of the processed material into big-bags using a transport fan, ensuring efficient and ergonomic packaging of the processed material.

Additionally, our crushing lines offer the option of separating metal elements. To achieve this, we can customize the crushing lines to include various steel and non-ferrous metal separators.

Our offered complete crushing lines not only provide effective shredding of various waste materials but also allow for the separation of metal elements, contributing to efficient processing and recovery of raw materials.