Squeezer and Agglomerator Machines

The JGTL Squeezer and Agglomerator machine is designed for processing PE/LDPE/HDPE films after shredding and cleaning processes to mechanically dewater them. It employs a high-torque spiral that squeezes out excess moisture and removes water through a sieve, preventing blockages. This machine is characterized by low energy consumption and an effective drying process.

The machine operates based on the principle of mechanical dewatering. After the film is shredded and cleaned, it undergoes a dewatering process using a spiral gearbox. The high torque generated by the spiral squeezes the water out of the material, and the water is removed through the sieve. This process results in the material becoming drier and ready for further processing.

Squeezer and Agglomerator Machines

The JGTL Squeezer and Agglomerator machine offers numerous benefits, such as lower energy consumption, efficient drying, and effective removal of water from the processed material. It is a reliable device that ensures high-quality dewatering and material preparation for further recycling stages. As a result, the machine contributes to increased production efficiency and energy savings.

Our JGTL Squeezer & Agglomerator machine is an excellent solution for companies involved in recycling PE/LDPE/HDPE films. Thanks to its effective dewatering process, it enables achieving high-quality dried material, which translates into better results in subsequent plastic processing stages. It is an essential tool for manufacturers aiming to achieve optimal outcomes and effectively utilize secondary raw materials.