Flotation Tanks

Flotation tanks are specialized separation tanks made of stainless steel, designed for the efficient separation of heavily soiled and shredded plastic waste from other materials with varying densities.

The principle of operation of a flotation tank is based on utilizing the difference in density between different materials. These tanks are filled with a special solution that forms a floating layer on the surface. Materials with lower density, such as plastic flakes, float on the surface of the solution, while heavier particles like metals or stones settle at the bottom of the tank. Thanks to this process, it is possible to effectively separate different fractions of waste and contaminants

Flotation Tanks

Flotation tanks are incredibly valuable tools in the plastic recycling process, allowing for the purification of materials from unwanted substances and the separation of various waste fractions. Their construction from stainless steel ensures durability and ease of maintenance, translating into efficiency and long-term functionality of the equipment.

Our flotation tanks have been designed with a focus on ensuring maximum separation efficiency and optimal recycling process performance. We guarantee high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, and ease of operation of our flotation tanks, making them an excellent solution for companies involved in plastic recycling