Complete Big-Bag Bagging Stations

Our company provides comprehensive solutions in the form of Big-Bag stations, which are the perfect solution for transporting the ground material from shredding equipment into Big-Bag bags. Our Big-Bag stations are meticulously designed and consist of various components to ensure a reliable and efficient transport process while minimizing dust.

Complete Big-Bag Bagging Stations

W skład naszego kompletnego systemu stacji Big-Bag wchodzi:

  • Transport Fan: Our specially designed transport fans ensure effective movement of ground material from shredding equipment into Big-Bag bags. We offer high-pressure fans that provide a smooth and controlled material flow.
  • Dust Cyclone or Dust Settling: The cyclone is an integral part of our Big-Bag station system. It effectively separates dust from the transported ground material.
  • Big-Bag Frame: Our sturdy Big-Bag frames provide stable support for the bags during the filling process.
  • Complete Piping: As part of our Big-Bag station system, we provide complete piping that enables a smooth flow of ground material from the transport fan into the Big-Bag bags. The piping is carefully designed and made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and effectiveness.

Trust in our knowledge and experience in the field of Big-Bag stations. We offer comprehensive technical support and guidance in selecting the right solutions.